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About Hotel Names

Laodamia meets Protessilaos

Sarcophagus with scenes of the myth of Protesilaos and Laodamia. (Naples, Santa Chiara Church - Front Panel - Marble. Late 2nd century CE)

The Hotels

“Protessilaos Hotel” firstly operated in the summer of 1979 under the name “Nefeli”.

The present name was established by 1982, when a hotel guest, Mr Pavlos Lazarides (former director of the Byzantine Museum of Athens and director of the local archaeological excavations) proposed the name “Protessilaos”
Despite the difficulty of the word, our guests adopted the name with pleasure due to its unique character.

Laodamia Hotel firstly operated the 1st April 2002. The name choice was difficult, as we wanted to marry our first hotel “Protessilaos” with our new establishment. By searching, we found many names among them “Laodamia” one but we could not find something emotional to be related with.
Apparently, we found the erotic letter that Laodamia wrote to Protessilaos while he was in Troy. We had a great sentimental load by reading it, therefore we concluded to the name “Laodamia”


Despite the difficulty of the word, our guests adopted the name with pleasure due to its unique character.

But who was «Protessilaos» ?

Marble statue of a wounded warrior


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Protessilaos was a hero of the mythological cycle, son of Diomedia and Iphilkos, king of Phylace in Thessalia.

Protessilaos left Laodamia (his wife) shortly after their wedding to fight in Troy. He commanded forty ships from Phylace and the neighboring regions.


According to οracle prediction the first of Greeks who would step in Troy land will die.

So that happened and Protessilaos died from Hector’s hands.

But who was «Laodamia» ?

The Laodamia was the daughter of Akastos, king of Iolkos and son of Pelias and Astydameia.

The Astydameia fell in love with Peleus, who toured Iolkos to purify himself of murder. Peleus scorned her advices and she accused him of seduction. Then Peleus left Iolkos to escape Akastos’ intention to kill him, but later Peleus returned and murdered Akastos and Astydameia.

The Laodamia, as a result, moved to Phylace where she married Protessilaos, son Diomideia and Ifilkos, king of Phylace.


Protessilaos departed for Troy with 40 ships, shortly after his marriage with Laodamia. The oracle prediction said that the first of Greeks who will step on Troy’s land would be killed. So it happened. The Protessilaos died from Hector’s hands.

Laodamia could not believe the loss of her beloved husband and she was soliciting to Gods. Hermes felt sorry about her and he brought Protessilaos into life for three hours.
Laodamia’s love towards Protessilaos was so big that she could not accept the separation and she threw her self onto his funeral pyre and died with him as a devoted wife.

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