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Eating Out

Nea Anchialos specializes in “Tsipouradika” (also called “Ouzeri”) where (“Tsipouro”) (local Greek spirit) is served with a huge variety of fish & sea food tidbits.

There are plenty of “Tsipouradika” along the waterfront near the port.
The choices for eating are Tsipouradika where seafood is served, Taverns where mostly meat dishes are served, Restaurants where Greek dishes can be found, Psistaries (Grill houses) where the main dish is grilled meat, Fast Food choices are local “Souvlatzidika” where souvlaki and “gyros” is served.

People in Greece usually eats late in the evening (21:00 – 24:00), during day most of Taverns, Psistaries and Restaurants are closed during winter time only. During summer they are open all day long.

However Tsipouradika and Fast Food are open all day long.

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