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Local Products

Olives and Olive Oil

​Nea Anchialos, thanks to its climate and topography, produces oil and olives, which boast distinctive flavor and quality. The high nutritional value and unique taste of olives and olive oil Anchialos to have established it as an integral component of the Mediterranean diet.

Wine and Tsipouro

Nea Anchialos has a long tradition in wine production over the centuries. The Agricultural Cooperative “Demeter” was founded in 1918 and has operated since then continuously. You can buy the local wines from local distributors.

Nea Anchialos Local Products

Homemade Pasta

The traditional pasta had, have and will always have place at our table. Made with love and tradition, they are considered a healthy diet for all ages satisfying the most demanding tastes. In Nea Anchialos one can find a variety of handmade pasta such as “trachana”, “pligouri”, “hilopites noodles” and “kritharaki pasta”.

Jam and Sweets

Nea Anchialos grown without the use of fertilizers, a large variety of fruits of excellent quality. The wonderful fruits are the raw material for the famous jam and preserves the women of Nea Anchialos make with exceptional skill.


Ultimate original creativity and artistic completeness of the pottery in Nea Anchialos. The variety of shapes and their quality is remarkable. The local artists usually work with no organized facilities but with a special skill using the traditional method of wheel or mold.

Painting and Wood Painting

Nea Anchialos with its striking colors, the green surroundings, the beautiful blue of the sea and the sky, consists a crucial source of inspiration for artists who live and work in this blessed place. The strong traditional elements of these artworks, aimed to portray the struggle for a creative life, but exude optimism and inspire love for nature and the greatness of life.

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