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The history begins at the decade of 20’s, when the ‘Tsipouradika’ were few and the productions of traditional alcohol drink “Tsipouro” was being at small quantities.

Then it was when the 25ari (small bottle 0,25ml of Tsipouro drink) was established with accompany of appetizers, mostly seafood, such as octopus, crawfishes and many other tastes.

The tradition says that refuges from Asia Minor brought with them the habit of Tsipouro drink, accompanied with seafood appetizers. In our days, every different tsipouro should be accompanied with different appetizer. This is a traditional ceremony which maintained years ago. The 25ari is a small bottle with tsipouro for a small glass.


Tsipouradika can be found in every corner of Nea Anchialos and Volos city, so the visitor can seat at one of the many tsipouradika of the town and simply enjoy tsipouro drink and the appetizers proposed and served.


​It is worth to visit Tsipouradika and feel the special atmosphere that have.

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